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Nozani’s writers and keyword specialists know what makes effective listing copy. Using a variety of selected keyword software, we research and refine the keywords that are most beneficial to our clients. Then, we place them into key areas of the title, bullet points, and product descriptions for searchability. After in-depth market and product research, we write true-to-brand, informational, and accurate listings. Our content is well-written to answer your potential customers’ most important questions.


Reviews play a critical role in your conversion rates and product’s BSR (Best Sellers Rank). Your customers want to hear from someone just like them who will tell them the truth about your products. By utilizing a variety of proven methods, we will help your listings gain more reviews, which will boost your rank and increase your sales.


Your listings should represent more than just a collection of products; they need to represent your company brand. Our Amazon specialists will create a presentation to bring your online shoppers from a computer screen to the inside of your store. Whether you’re using Vendor Central or Seller Central, we will create listings to properly represent your brand.


Your listing isn’t fully optimized until it reaches outside of its e-Commerce platform to bring customers to your products. Social media is a natural growth opportunity because a majority of Amazon’s shoppers browse via Amazon’s mobile app. Promos and other strategies will drive the traffic you need to spike your sales.