Blackwing started selling high-end pencils in 2012. They saw a steady climb in sales until 2016 when they began seeing a plateau in sales velocity on Amazon.

They had grown their sales impressively due to their talented creative team but lacked the bandwidth and expertise to get beyond that plateau. We partnered with Blackwing in August 2017 to increase sales through Amazon Sponsored Products.


  1. Grow sales through Amazon Sponsored Ads
  2. Manage day to day tasks and optimization
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What Nozani Did

  • Launched, managed, and optimized targeted PPC campaigns
  • Optimized content for increased relevancy
  • Managed day to day tasks, resolved cases with Amazon customer support, increased account health.


34.81% Sales increase from Sponsored Ads in 3 months

5.78% Average ACoS

Time Period Measured:
August 2017 - August 2018

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