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Keyword Optimization receives hundreds of millions of searches a month. How often are you found?

After writing content for over 20,000 Amazon listings, we know what works and what doesn’t. Tap into a world of hot traffic with unparalleled content and keyword optimization.

How do we do that? Check out our process below.

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Step 1: Keyword Research

We use a proprietary keyword research process to make sure you show up when customers click “search”.

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Step 2: Brand Briefing

Analyze existing content across the web to ensure consistent brand voice and personality.

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Step 3: Market Research

We won’t write a word until we have a sound understanding of your ideal customer.

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Step 4: Optimize

Our strategic keyword placement and benefit-first writing style ensure a boost in traffic and conversions.

Keyword 1

$ 75


100+ keyword list

From a variety of keyword software

Sorted by search volume

Keyword 3

$ 189


Keyword list

Optimized content in algorithmic hotspots

Accurate, branded, well-written

Refined keywords for backend indexing

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