Leadership Team

We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges us to unlock success for our clients. Join us in our mission today!

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Thaddaeus Hay

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Thad started his career in sales and then managed business development in the US for an emerging Chinese company. As a Mandarin Chinese speaker, he became interested in how e-commerce platforms work. It became clear that Amazon offered incredible solutions to its users. It’s Thad’s mission to make it easier for sellers to find success on Amazon.

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Kyle Tarter

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Kyle began his career with the philosophy that investing should be focused then leveraged for success. He has started multiple successful Amazon companies and has consulted hundreds more. Kyle has learned that Amazon is not the easiest and most seller-friendly platform, but ensures new-age innovation and top-level success for his clients.

Danny lambourne

Danny Lambourne

Chief Operating Officer

Danny has 10 years of director experience and an MBA.  He has had roles in senior operations, strategy, consulting, and Amazon product entrepreneurship.  Danny is responsible for managing Nozani Operations, maintaining quality and scalability. He also plays a part in the long-term, tactical, and strategic planning of the organization.

Jordan Farrer

Jordan Farrer

Chief Technology Officer

Jordan’s passion for solving problems using technology started at the age of 11 designing websites for local businesses. His enthusiasm for innovation has made him a key team member throughout his career at tech startups such as Boostability and SoFi. Jordan enjoys observing how technology can empower people to work effectively and efficiently.

Scott Flemming

Scott Fleming

VP of Sales

Scott has always been motivated by helping others. After traveling internationally, Scott started a company in Africa to manufacture cosmetic oils. Nozani provides the opportunity for Scott to continue in the sales industry while empowering others in their entrepreneurial efforts. His enthusiasm and optimism keep our Sales Team's morale high.

Justin Hammond

Justin Hammond

Director of People Operations

Justin was instrumental in scaling Nozani’s workforce to over 1300% its starting size within its first year of business. Justin has years of experience in leadership roles, communication, de-escalation, team building, and employee relationships. HIs greatest focus is making Nozani one of the best places to work in the Utah Valley.

Joseph Butler

Joseph Butler

Director of Partnerships

Joseph has experience in various sales and management positions in several industries. Now, as the director of project management at Nozani, Joseph coordinates the fulfillment of inter-departmental client projects, ensuring that they’re delivered correctly and as efficiently as possible.

Riley Shannon

Riley Shannon

Director of Account Management

With over 5 years of e-commerce/Amazon marketing experience, Riley leads our account management team to deliver results to our clients based on the latest Amazon news and strategies. His positive outlook and innovative mindset help motivate and lead our team.

Riker Chance

Riker Chance

Photographer Manager

Riker’s passion for photography started when he taught himself how to use a 35mm camera at 15. Riker has worked as a photographer and videographer for international companies like Hilton, Marriott, Sothebys and Audi. At Nozani, he shares his experience with his team and continues to teach himself new techniques.


Naomi Hurd

Content Manager

Naomi received her bachelor’s degree in English Language from Brigham Young University. Her emphasis was in editing, and she loves all things related to the English language. Naomi has worked on many publications as an editor, writer, and manager. She is always learning about new changes made in the publishing and Amazon worlds.