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Product videos educate help customers to imagine how the product solves their problem or improves their life in some way.

Nozani helps you communicate product features effectively and educate the buyer better than photos and text alone.

How do we do that? Check out our process below.

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Step 1: 

We send you a questionnaire to better understand your creative expectations and brand guidelines.

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Step 2:
 Send Product

You ship us your product so we can start the creative process.

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Step 3: Market Research

We’ll develop customer avatars and begin finding the right models and best locations for your shoot.

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Step 4: Creative Proposal

Develop a creative plan tailored around your expectations and our findings during market research.

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Step 5: Approval

Proposal is sent to you for suggested changes and approval.

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Step 6: Creation & Delivery

Video creation begins and delivered to you within 10 business days after approval.

Product Video Requirements

If your product has any of these following features listed, please reach out for a custom product video quote.

1. Is your product a fashion or beauty item? (e.g. watches, clothing, skin care, or jewelry, etc.)

2. Does your product match any of the following features?

• Items that are both curved and reflective

• Transparent products

• Products that require installation or assembly

• Oversized (when fully packaged, weighs more than 20 lb and exceeds: 18 inches on its longest side, 14 inches on its median side, or 8 inches on its shortest side).

3. Are you planning on using any of the following as models?
Hand models, babies, kids, pets, elderly people, or client-selected people


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