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& Infographics

Online shoppers rarely read long product descriptions and lengthy bullet points. Especially on Amazon. Adding benefit-rich infographics and design to your Amazon listings allow shoppers to quickly understand how your product will enhance their life.

Increase conversion rates and brand image with infographics, EBC, and branded storefronts. Check out our process below.

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Step 1: 

Discovery & Expectations

We send you a questionnaire to better understand your creative expectations and brand guidelines.

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Step 2:

Market Research

We’ll find out who your customers are and what makes them click “Buy Now”.

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Step 3:

Creative Proposal

Your team of designers, content writers, and photographers all meet to create the perfect plan.

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Step 4:
Creation & Delivery

Design creation begins and delivered to you within 10-15 business days for approval or revisions.

Graphics 1

$ 149


1 branded infographics with provided images

Modern visualization of top features

JPEG files with zoomable quality

Graphics 2

$ 599


1 logo banner

2 designed lifestyle or studio images

2 branded, research-based paragraphs

JPEG files 970 x 600 pixels

* If using one of our two templates, you must include your own photos. If not, photography options can be discussed.

Graphics 3

$ 1499


Uploaded and setup on your account

1 Hero image (logo banner)

Top 10 ASINs linked to images

Add Storefront Tabs for Only $300 Per Tab

Graphics 4

$ 149


3.5 x 2 inch image file

Double sided

Features logo and provided images

Promo code optional

Requests review


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