Tornado Heavy Equipment Parts


For the past few years Tornado Heavy Equipment has had a strong online presence. However, they began seeing a sudden decline in sales on Amazon towards the end of Q4.

As other channels of their business continued to grow, they needed a dedicated Amazon expert to diagnose their problems and increase sales while also offloading the management of day to day tasks on Amazon. Tornado Heavy Equipment partnered with Nozani in February 2018 to solve those problems.


  1. Increase sales above and beyond what THE had seen during peak sales periods
  2. Increase organic rank for main keywords
  3. Increase sessions and conversion rate
  4. Increase company bandwidth and decrease time spent on menial Amazon tasks
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What Nozani Did

  • Created content with high search volume keywords
  • Created conversion focused product and lifestyle photography
  • Designed infographics to boost conversion rates
  • Optimized and managed Sponsored Ads campaigns
  • Manage day to day Amazon tasks and account health optimization.


54.12% Increase in Sales

13.10% Increase in Sessions

5.04% Lift in Conversions

Time Period Measured:
February 2017 - August 2017 vs.
February 2018 - August 2018

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